Kit Kat billboards give Bogotá's stressed-out commuters back massages

Candy bar brings its "Give me a break" message to Colombian bus shelters

Recently introduced in Colombia, Kit Kat encouraged busy Bogotá bus commuters to take a break from their commutes with massage-giving billboards. Bringing to life the brand’s "Give Me a Break" tagline, J. Water Thompson Colombia equipped more than 20 bus shelters in the capital city with motorized billboards that offered mini back massages to people whenever they leaned against them.

The billboards, featuring an image of a broken Kit Kat bar, invited, "Come, I’ll give you a massage" in Spanish. The billboards could be located through Google Maps and social media activity. Every time someone tweeted words like "tired" or "stressed," an instant reply gave them the location of the nearest massage billboard.The popular candy bar has just been introduced to the Colombian market.


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