Kia's 'Robo Dog' becomes man's best friend

The Super Bowl spot, created by David&Goliath, features Kia's EV6 vehicle.

Dogs will always be man’s best friend — even when they become robotic. 

That’s the message behind Kia’s Super Bowl spot, "Robo Dog," which stars an adorable electronic puppy. In the ad, a robotic dog is for sale at an electronics store. He longingly looks out the window at a regular dog spending time with its owner. 

Then, the pup sees a man charging his Kia EV6 vehicle. The man drives off, causing the dog to escape from the store to find him. The dog goes on a wild chase throughout the city set to the tune of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler. 

The pup finally catches up to the car on top of a roof, but loses charge after he jumps off. Thankfully, the man plugs the dog into his EV6. Fully charged, the robo dog hops into the vehicle with his new owner.