KFC offers 1990s bowl cuts to promote Famous Bowls

Fast-food chain has created modern-day takes on the hairstyle.

KFC is offering bowl haircuts to promote its cut-price bowl meals in New York.

The activation in Brooklyn is offering "modern-day takes" on the 1990s hairstyle on 10 January.

KFC has come up with five variations: The Original Recipe, The Spork and Bowl, The Over the Top, The Colonel’s Stripes and The Gravy Fall. One includes shaving the shape of a spork into the back and another is a longer version of the original bowl cut.

The brand is using the activity to promote its Famous Bowl – made up of mashed potato, sweetcorn, fried chicken, cheese and gravy – that is on offer at $3.

Andrea Zahumensky, KFC's US chief marketing officer, said: "I can't believe we are actually selling a pound of delicious food for just $3 and I also can't believe bowl cuts are making a comeback, but here we are. So, naturally, we're offering KFC-ified Famous Bowl cuts to anyone who wants to be as famous as our Famous Bowls."


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