Ken Jeong and Joel McHale ignite a culture war over nuts in Planters' Super Bowl spot

The satire feels all too realistic in our current cultural climate.

Planters’ Super Bowl ad reunites Community co-stars Joel McHale and Ken Jeong in a heated debate about how to eat mixed nuts. 

The 30-second spot, called "Feed the Debate," created by VaynerMedia, opens with the two men sitting at a bar eating Planters Mixed Nuts. An irritated McHale asks: "Why do you eat mixed nuts one at a time?" to which Jeong replies, "Why do you eat them all together?"

This ignites a fiery discussion between the actors about the proper way to eat mixed nuts, which prompts Jeong to turn on his phone and pose the question to the internet. 

The post immediately goes viral and ignites a culture war debate over how to eat mixed nuts – all together, or one at a time. Couples argue at dinner tables while riots break out in the streets and news coverage zeroes in on the topic.

"Who knew America would tear itself apart over a relatively minor difference of opinion?" McHale asks.