K-Y champions female sexual wellness

The outdoor campaign, created by IPG's Elephant, celebrates national masturbation month.

K-Y is erasing the stigma surrounding female pleasure with a comical twist. In honor of National Masturbation Month, the sexual wellness company launched an outdoor campaign in New York City’s East Village, Bushwick and Williamsburg. The campaign features brightly-colored, hand-painted walls with cheeky phrases like, "Let’s give ourselves a hand" and "Hand up if you masturbate." One wall also includes a longer manifesto dedicated to "all who polish the pearl."

The text reads: "Cheers to all who ménage à moi, paddle the pink canoe, and butter their own muffin. Hooray for double-clicking your mouse and beating your own bush. Hats off to auditioning the finger puppets, patting the cat, and slapping the oyster. A toast to all of us who jill off, hands-solo, finger cardio, one-night hand, self-stroke and poke, and stir that honey pot. Here’s to getting busy solo or together. However you polish your pearl - good for you! Let’s give ourselves a hand. It’s Masturbation Month. K-Y."


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