Just Crack an Egg pokes fun at microwave skeptics

The Goodby Silverstein & Partners spot jokingly compares the product to the invention of airplanes.

Even the greatest inventions once raised some eyebrows. Scrambled egg kit brand Just Crack an Egg played on that concept in its spot, "Flight." A man heats up his eggs in the microwave, and his friend can’t believe the meal wasn’t prepared on the stove. "That delicious scramble was microwaved? Get out of here," he says. He opens the microwave and gets transported back in time to when airplanes were invented. Still a skeptic, he comments, "Wright brothers? More like ‘Yeah right, brothers.’ Get out of here," before his hairpiece flies away in the wind. "It’s not crazy, it’s a scramble. Just crack an egg," the voice-over says.


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