Jolly Rancher's mini cowboy asks fans to take a 'flavor ride'

The tiny rancher wants fans to 'pony up' their taste buds for the hard candy.

Jolly Rancher leaned into the hard candy’s infamously tangy flavor in this new spot featuring a literal jolly rancher. The mini cowboy may be small enough to ride a Jolly Rancher, but his big personality makes up for his size. "Howdy honcho," the little rancher says to a man relaxing in a chair. "Tell your palette to pony up for the perfect punch of juicy flavor. It’ll douse your mouth in downright deliciousness." The man unwraps the Jolly Rancher, which sends the cowboy flying into a fish tank. The cowboy is unfazed as he saddles up a crayfish. "Time for a flavor ride," he said.


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