Johnnie Walker gives hope for a return to normalcy in 'Astronaut' spot

The scotch whiskey brand offers a fresh perspective on re-entering the world after isolation.

Johnnie Walker offered a metaphor for people who will soon hopefully emerge out of isolation after the COVID-19 pandemic in its stunning spot, "Astronaut," from AlmapBBDO. The short film follows an astronaut and her partner as they return to earth from space. As she enters Earth’s atmosphere, she’s surrounded by other astronauts in pods parachuting down with her. Looking around, she recalls special moments with loved ones such as her wedding, birthday celebrations and drinks with friends. 

"Coming back means reliving everything again like it's the first time," astronaut John "Danny" Olivas says in a voiceover. "The feeling is intense. Things once taken for granted now are savored. Life will be full of possibilities again. That's what I felt, and that's what you will feel. Take it from me... I know what it's like to be isolated from the world."