Joe Jonas channels a retro weatherman for Tanqueray

The spot, created by NVE Experience Agency, promotes the national rollout of Tanqueray's citrus flavor.

Joe Jonas is known as one-third of the Jonas Brothers band, but he might have his eye on a second career — as a weatherman. In this spot, Jonas poses as a meteorologist circa the 1970s, and he has a forecast with a twist: Tanqueray Sevilla Orange.

"We interrupt this program to bring you a special report," Jonas says from behind a news desk before sending it over to another version of himself as a weatherman. Joe the Meteorologist dons a vintage suit with gelled-back hair and orange-tinted sunglasses.  "The news is in, folks," he says as he pours himself a glass of Sevilla Orange. "It looks like sunshine in a glass is sweeping the nation."

The scene cuts to people sipping Tanqueray Sevilla Orange while at picnics, dances and pool parties. Groovy!