Jerod Mayo tackles Pete Davidson in Hellmann's Super Bowl spot

The former linebacker tackles unsuspecting food wasters in homage to 'Office Linebacker' character 'Terry Tate.'

The U.S. is facing a food waste crisis with approximately 40% of all food in the U.S. wasted each year, according to Hellmann’s. And an estimated 40% of that food waste happens at home. 

Hellmann’s painted a comedic picture of the problem in its Super Bowl ad, "Mayo Tackles Food Waste." The spot stars retired linebacker and coach Jerod Mayo as a food waste tackler, an homage to the iconic "Office Linebacker" character "Terry Tate."

Mayo knocks down a man throwing out bread, reminding him that he can make a grilled cheese sandwich. He tackles a woman on crutches throwing away potatoes because she could easily make potato salad. Mayo also takes down a man throwing away spinach, which could be used for a frittata. 

Finally, Mayo sets his sights on "Saturday Night Live" star Pete Davidson, who is at a party with his mother, Amy. 

"Mom’s already tackling food waste, Mayo," Davidson tells the coach. Mayo walks away but sprints back to tackle Davidson to the ground. He apologies to which Davidson replies, "I get it. I’m very hittable."