In Japan, Red Bull warms up Summer Edition

The ad by JKD Collective features a medley of summer sounds

TOKYO — Red Bull sets out to capture the atmosphere of summer and the great outdoors with a cleverly crafted music video to promote its Summer Edition product for Japan.

To promote its special Summer Edition product for Japan, Red Bull worked with Tokyo-based JKD Collective to create a music video composed exclusively of the typical sounds of camping during the season. Entitled "Mosquito Slap," the video runs for 1.5 minutes and evokes the atmosphere of summer by bringing together imagery and sounds such as the furin (wind bell), an ice box being dropped on the ground, a tent being zipped up — and of course someone slapping a mosquito.

Shane Lester, who directed the video, explained that the sounds and visuals were recorded at the same time. "The challenge was to create total synchronisation of the visuals of fun summer activities you would do and the sounds that go along with those," he said, noting that while some things looked good, they might not necessarily sound good, and vice versa.

Lester said Red Bull had shunned overt product placement, looking instead to simply create something that entertained and would hopefully go viral. Having just launched, the video has so far clocked up several hundred views on YouTube.

"We shot a lot of product [imagery], from interesting angles, but they didn’t want to show too much of that because they thought it felt too artificial and planned," Lester explained. "The approach was to make a fun and cool video with the product and message subtly integrated into the background.

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