It's never too warm for winter sports in this new Audi Quattro ad

Mullen Lowe spot has an early peak and heads downhill (skiing) from there

It’s a pristine, pastoral scene — cows in a mountain meadow, ski lift idle for the off-season — until a begoggled form cuts across the heathered ground. On skis, no snowpack needed. This is Candide Thovex, renowned French freeskier, and he is not put off by the mild weather. Through field and dell, over bridge and under tunnel, across rocky, leafy, grassy terrain he flies toward his destination: an open hatchback and a ride back to the top.

Is this an imaginative adventure, or a vision of a normal December day in the French Alps just a few years hence? A thought-provoking question brought to you by Audi, a Volkswagen company.


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