Infiniti 'Vacation' by CP+B

The automaker's homage to a classic comedy flick coincides with franchise reboot

Fans of the 1983 film Vacation will recall the scene where the Griswold patriarch, played by Chevy Chase, ogles a blonde in a red sports car vrooming past the "family truckster."

Now, Crispin Porter + Bogusky has used the oft-quoted scene as inspiration for this Infiniti ad, which coincides with this year's upcoming remake of the film.

In a clever twist of casting, Ethan Embry, the actor who played Rusty in Vegas Vacation, plays the dad in a scene largely identical to the original, only this time he's in an SUV. The ad concludes with a second casting twist that will leave fans of the original smiling. 

Allyson Witherspoon, Director of Marketing Communications and Media, Infiniti USA said "The Vacation scene is so iconic and we wanted to recreate it through the lens of a modern day family in a luxury SUV."