Indian tea company offers 'purification plan' for Donald Trump

With the message, "It's never too late to cleanse yourself," TE-A-ME Teas delivers four years' worth of green tea to Trump Tower

TE-A-ME, a tea company from the house of 70-year-old Madhu Jayanti International headquartered in Kolkata, India, has rolled out what it labels an "epic mission": delivering four years’ supply of green tea to US presidential candidate Donald Trump. The delivery went from TE-A-ME Teas in Kolkata to Trump Tower in New York with the message, "Mr. Trump, it’s never too late to cleanse yourself." (In a bit of artisitc license, the company broadcasts its message from a Times Square billboard.)

"TE-A-ME understands the positive power of green tea," said Sumit Shah, managing director of TE-A-ME Teas. "We believe that green tea with all its goodness can help Mr. Trump, and in turn benefit his country and the world at large. We therefore prescribe at least three cups a day fo Mr. Trump. If he needs more, we’ll be happy to provide." The company also has created a dedicated site,