Indian pipe company takes on drought

Vectus creates a campaign that calls on social responsibility

MUMBAI — Pipe and storage manufacturer Vectus appeals to viewers' sense of social responsibility for water shortages in India. The new campaign, created by Contract Advertising, is titled, "Kya jawaab doge?" ("What answer would you give?").

The ad opens in a desert, where a man parched for water stands across from a woman,draped in traditional rural attire. As she walks toward him, she begins to empty her earthen pot. Instead of water, dried earth spills from the pot as a voiceover asks, "What answer will we give when we waste water because of leakages?"

The man finds himself back to his house, which is under construction. A contractor asks him which pipes to install: Vectus or generic. The film ends with a voiceover that says, "Vectus pipes aur tanks. Har boond ke liye. Zindagi ke liye" (Vectus Pipes and tanks. For every drop. For Life).

Ashish Baheti, director, Vectus Industries, said, "We wanted Vectus to rise above product features and speak in the voice of a leader — a voice of authority, reason and foresight. We also wanted to reach out to home builders across age groups as well as those from the construction industry with a memorable message which keeps us on the top of their minds."

Mayur Hola, executive creative director, Contract Advertising, said, "Tanks, pipes, drainage pipes aren't exactly top of mind for people. What we've done here is to change the conversation of the category. We've taken the usual clichés of durability, longevity [and] strength ... and represented them in a totally new and compelling way. The socially responsible angle presents the case to the consumer in a manner they can't ignore. It brings the category into the forefront and presents Vectus as a thought leader in it."

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