Indian e-commerce site celebrates modern women, traditional ethnicity

An online "ethnic store," Craftvilla shows the role of traditional culture in modern settings via a campaign by Leo Burnett India

MUMBAI — On its way to being the world's most populous nation, India encompasses myriad languages, cultures and ethnicity. Online "ethnic store" Craftsvilla delivers clothing, jewelry and crafts that represent these differences; to underscore its commitment to diversity in a modern context, it has launched an integrated campaign created by Leo Burnett India.

The ad captures various Indian women dressed in ethnic attire and accessories juxtaposed with typical middle class Indian scenarios: a young woman flying a kite from a terrace, another practicing classical dance, a lady reading a book at a railway reservation counter, a girl eating alone. The spot ends with the phrase, "Woh joh yaad reh jaaye" ("That which will be remembered.")

"Craftsvilla offers more than 2 million ethnic products through 20,000 registered artisans and designers," said Manoj Gupta, managing director of Craftsvilla. "We are one of the fastest-growing top five e-commerce companies in India right now. We believe we have an uncommon journey compared to other e-commerce companies and we were looking to bring that unique Craftsvilla ethos out through an uncommon creative.