In India, Lipton Ice Tea scripts a heartwarming 'Why Not?' match

The film by DDB Dubai tells a story of courtship and tea

Lipton India has rolled out a digital film for its ice Tea. Conceptualized by DDB Dubai, the six-minute film 'Chai Shy' tells the story of a mother trying to get her son hitched to her friend's daughter.

A hard-working young man named Siddharth is the object of a lobbying campaign by his mother, who hopes to arrange a marriage for him with a girl named Swati. While he resists her sales pitch, he is slowly worn down by a photo his mother sends him and a fortuitous meeting with Swati to retrieve a phone.

The film ends with the duo shown enjoying a bottle of Lipton Ice Tea. A super says, 'Why ask why, when you can say why not?'

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