In India, Kellogg's proposes corn-powered breakfast to propel ambitions

Badminton star heralds breakfast of milled corn in ad for India

MUMBAI — Kellogg’s has rolled out a TV campaign for its flagship corn flakes featuring Indian badminton star Saina Nehwal, highlighting the importance of corn for breakfast.

The film created by J. Walter Thompson begins with a young man waking up with a jolt, and immediately reaching out to his phone to check work-related e-mails. He works hard to advance to the corner office, but the jingle makes the point that to be able to realize his dreams, the cup of tea that makes his breakfast will not suffice. Next up is a young boy who wishes to be an astronaut and go to Mars. But is a glass of milk enough to provide the necessary nutrition?

Nehwal says the day should always start with a solid breakfast; big dreams require bigger nutrition. After visuals of her winning a game and lifting a trophy, she is seen eating Kellogg’s Corn Flakes for breakfast. The film ends with a showcase of the breakfast offering and the statement, "Bade sapnon ki sahi shuruwat Kellogg’s anaaj ke saath" (Kellogg’s corn provides the right start to big dreams).

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