In India, Domino's ropes in celeb chef to promise a taste of Italy

Vikas Khanna, a star chef and TV personality, helps Domino's India perfect its pies

MUMBAI — Domino’s India has rolled out an ad that introduces its new line of "Exotic Italian Pizzas." The film was created by Contract Advertising and features Indian-born, New York-based Michelin Star chef Vikas Khanna.

The film opens with Khanna writing a letter to Domino’s head chef Narendra Javarta (who replies via voice overs) about the "imperfection" of Italian pizzas that makes them "perfect." What follows is a back and forth between the two about what constitutes a great pizza. The duo talk about the crust, the toppings and importance of a wood oven or seasoning.

On screen, Khanna roams the streets of Italy, finding the perfect ingredients and recipe, while Javarta works away in the kitchen making the perfect pizza. The two eventually meet when the pizza is ready and acknowledge the joint effort it has taken to make the pizza.

The film ends with shots of the various pizzas and a voiceover introducing them.

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