In India, Cadbury scripts a real, sweet Eid

Confectionery celebrates the Muslim holiday's spirit of giving

MUMBAI — Mondelez has crafted a spot in honor of the Eid celebrations that mark the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. A 20-second edit on TV and a 35-second edit for cinema drive the message, conceptualized by Contract Advertising.
The film opens in a living room of revelers celebrating the occasion, dressed to the nines. One of the men offers sweets out of a pack of Cadbury Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Collection to another. In keeping with the Urdu-Hindi "Pehle aap" (You first) tradition, the parcel keeps getting passed around. Until an elderly man arrives on the scene and plays on "Pehle aap" with "Pehle baap," which means "Father first!"
The film ends with sweets shared all around, and the message: "Is Eid, khushiyan le chalo" (This Eid, bring along happiness).    
Kapil Mishra, ECD and creative head, Contract Advertising, Mumbai, said, "The whole film rests on a conflict between the deep rooted tehzeeb [tradition] of 'Pehle Aap' and a strong temptation to eat chocolates. This leads to the drama around a pack of Celebrations."
Prashant Peres, director of marketing, chocolate, Mondelez India, added, "Cadbury Celebrations decided to make the Eid hugs tighter and fuel festive togetherness and celebrations."

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