In India, Apple introduces iPhone 6 with a wedding

The spot from Leo Burnett promises to end wait for "something special"

MUMBAI — Apple last week rolled out its first iPhone 6 TV campaign here with a spot from Leo Burnett that taps into Indian wedding traditions.

In the ad, the groom sends a selfie of himself and his friends to the bride. She too is getting ready, and sends a picture of herself in reply. But she covers half of her face with her hand (keeping with a traditional custom of the bride's face being not being revealed until the wedding is over).

As the bride and groom keep exchanging pictures, she remains mindful of concealing her face, instead sending pictures of her necklace, the ring on her finger and other details. Not until she reaches the mandap (Indian wedding covering) does the groom finally sees her face — which a voiceover compares to the gratification of finally acquiring an iPhone 6.

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