I&C Top 20: Anomaly and Dick's Sporting Goods: "reVision FC"

Dick’s Sporting Goods believes that youth sports are powerful and can help create better human beings. Sadly, by 2020, 25 percent of public high schools may be without any sports programs, which is why Dick’s founded charity program Sports Matter. Anomaly worked with researchers to find a youth sports team that showcases how important sports are in uniting people and improving lives. Enter, Revision FC – a Houston-based soccer team of Congolese refugees. When the boys lost their homes and their entire ways of life were disrupted, they turned to one another. Their soccer team grew into a brotherhood and helped them overcome the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Dick’s rebuilt the team’s locker room, donated $120,000 to the program and committed $5.5 million dollars to hurricane relief in the Houston and Florida areas. "Love the message here and it doesn't feel forced. This feels true to the brand," said Nancy Hill, I&C Judge and CEO and Founder of The Agency Sherpa.



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