Hyundai "Tailored for petrol heads" by Wash Studio

Hyundai is targeting car connoisseurs with a steampunk spot.

Created using CGI, the ad shows a trio of literal "petrol heads" as they saunter down the street, before coming to a halt outside a high-end clothes shop. Here, the group treat themselves to a vintage-inspired wardrobe upgrade, before driving off in Hyundai’s i30 N hot hatch.

This is the second phase of Hyundai’s "Turning petrol heads" campaign, which previously ran in tandem with Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The latest spot rolls out alongside upcoming film Le Mans '66, detailing the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari, and will feature on London’s Piccadilly Lights out-of-home site throughout autumn.

The work was created by Andy Walmsley and directed by Dan Chase through 2am.