Howie Mandel voices customers' inner thoughts in Staples Canada's 'Let's Find Out' campaign

Jackman Reinvents' spot gives a humorous voice to curiosity.

Curiosity can lead us to wonder whether fish get thirsty or if a hot dog counts as a sandwich. Staples Canada wants its customers to follow their curiosity to seek solutions at their stores. 

Staples Canada’s campaign, ‘Let’s Find Out," stars comedian Howie Mandel as the voice of curiosity. He dresses up as customers’ doppelgangers as he follows them along on a journey of discovery. 

One man wonders, "Why would they even invent tofu?" and "How do they make paint?" He later ponders, "Would the spare bedroom make a cool home office?" which he can explore at Staples Canada. 

In another scene, a coffee shop owner asks himself, "Will a big banner attract more customers?" He’s able to stop by Staples Canada to test out his theory. 

"Can the things you’re curious about happen with a brand new Staples? Let’s find out," Mandel says.