Hostelworld "hostelling with Chris Eubank" by Lucky Generals

Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank, arm wrestling with Chas and Dave, monkey tennis: just some of the desperate ideas pitched by Alan Partridge to the head of programming at the BBC during an episode of sitcom I'm Alan Partridge.

Eighteen years on, Hostelworld has decided to make the first of these ideas a reality - sort of. After Eubank commented on Twitter last week that he didn’t understand why people kept asking him about youth hostels, Hostelworld and its creative agency, Lucky Generals, filled the former boxer in on the joke and then filmed a trailer bringing the show idea to life.

The one-minute promo of Eubank visiting a Brighton hostel has been released online through Hostelworld’s social media channels. The booking website is being deliberately coy about whether there are plans to turn the promo into a full-length series.