Hong Kong loan campaign breaks up ad traditions

Ogilvy & Mather helps MoneyHero portray a questionable life choice in a humorous way

HONG KONG — In Hong Kong's conservative advertising environment, ads that go beyond describing functional product benefits are few and far between. And commercials that use odd humour or dramatize the potential negative consequences of not choosing the brand in question are even rarer. Loan-comparison service MoneyHero breaks the mold with this spot created by Ogilvy & Mather.

You don't really need to speak Cantonese to enjoy the spot, as long as you know the brand's positioning: "Your first choice is not always your best choice."


This is Ying.

And this is Hong.

Back in the day, Hong was very handsome and smart.

In no time, they married.

Ying's mother always says even picking out groceries/vegetables shouldn't be so careless

Now Ying won't be so careless when choosing her person loan with MoneyHero.com.hk, the one-stop-shop that helps her compare personal loans to choose the right one.


Free and independent comparison.

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