Honey Maid V-Day spot celebrates the love of family

Love is about acceptance in new "This is Wholesome" ad

This Valentine’s Day, Honey Maid is asking viewers to "think of love differently." The latest ad in the brand’s two-year-old "This is Wholesome" campaign is a heat-warming reminder that love is about acceptance. The ad is cut together from YouTube videos and features diverse families addressing often-difficult subjects like adoption; homosexuality; and, in a first for the brand, transitioning. You can feel the angst, and the joyful relief, when a teen tries to tell his mom he’s gay and she finishes his sentence for him. Young brothers, one black, one white, share how hard it is for people to their family. A man thanks his biological parents for giving him up. A transgender teen talks to their mom about their transition, and the mother reminds them, "there's nothing i wouldn't do for you." Perhaps expecting the worst, they get the best, affirmation of their family’s unconditional love. It’s a beautiful ad, and it ends with the brand asking viewers to share the love by tagging a loved one with a heart symbol "to let them know you accept them just the way they are."