Google Pixel encourages people to fight for LGBTQ+ spaces

The campaign shows how resilience can save small businesses in the face of adversity.

After more than a year of closures, businesses are reopening their doors, but some spaces need to lean on their community for support. Google Pixel’s spot "Celebrate Pride in Belonging with Pixel – Support LGBTQ+ Friendly Spaces" spotlights LGBTQ+-businesses that have survived the pandemic’s financial blow.

The short film, backed by Savoir Adore’s song "Bloom," shows photos from other critical moments in LGBTQ+ history where the community stood together — from Gay Liberation Day to the AIDS crisis. Google Pixel encourages people to share photos and reviews of these businesses to let others know that the LGBTQ+ community continues to thrive.

"But this community has always shown up for each other and as things start to reopen, this community is showing up again," the tagline reads.