GoCompare "Tree" by Droga5 London

GoCompare's infamous mascot Gio Compario is back but he doesn't sing any opera

In the first campaign for the brand by Droga5 London, the opera singer gets behind the wheel to re-enact an accident that led to a real car-insurance claim. Wynne Evans, the Welsh tenor who portrays Gio, also appears as himself to narrate the events. Along with the film, Droga5 has created a new visual identity and 10-second idents for GoCompare's sponsorship of Dave's weekend programming. Out-of-home activity featuring black-and-white photos of Gio against a colourful background will run on 14,000 sites across the UK, including on nozzles at petrol stations. It was created by Ashley Hamilton and Sara Sutherland, and directed by Jeff Low through Biscuit Filmworks.