Glad puts trash bag through travel hell in 'Torture Tests' for FCB Chicago campaign

With a campaign name like "Torture Tests," you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re about to tune in to the latest installment of horror franchise "SAW." No gore here. Just trash bags. One trash bag in particular: the exotically-named ForceFlex Plus Advanced Protection trash bag. Clorox’s Glad teamed up with agency FCB Chicago to demonstrate how it can withstand wear and tear by putting it through travel hell. The bag was checked in at various airports around America and successfully flown from destination to destination without ever ripping open. "Instead of the classic product demo, we decided to put a creative twist to it: If this trash bag can handle traveling cross-country through airports—through the baggage handling system, on airplanes and out the luggage carousels—then it can handle your everyday kitchen trash," said Liz Taylor, chief creative officer of FCB Chicago.  


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