GE sends a snowball to hell, bottles lightening in 'Unimpossible Missions'

Scientists turn idioms into experiments that showcase the power of invention

A new GE campaign turns scientists into action stars in an entertaining digital short series that proves a snowball can have a chance in hell, you can catch lightening in a bottle and talk to a wall that actually listens. The films showcase GE technology and ingenuity as the engineers dramatically bring to life each seemingly impossible idiom. They send a snowball into a 2,000-degree inferno and successfully retrieve it; rig a wall so that a classroom of children can hear a story told from the other side; and harness 2 million volts of power inside a bottle and start a car with it. A fourth video, unveiled on Periscope, has the scientists flying a pie in the sky with drones. Hope they don’t try making it rain cats and dogs next.


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