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Garbage talks but money doesn't walk on the Trash Isles

Communication (Design)
Grand Prix: Trash Isles
Agency: AMV BBDO, London
Client: LADbible/ Plastic Oceans

There’s enough plastic pollution floating around the Pacific to cover the surface area of France. And yet countries in the West aren’t listening. So UK creative agency AMV BBDO and LADbible collaborated to invent their very own official country, the Trash Isles, to gain the support of a cast of global influencers, and change political discourse.

AMV BBDO London’s Grand Prix-winning work for LADbible had a modest budget to bring a massively ambitious idea to life, getting US politicians and movie stars onboard to create global political change and mass awareness with audiences everywhere.

Innovative use of PR and design led to specially created passports, a national flag and a currency (called 'debris’). These clever marketing executions captured imaginations – Al Gore became the first Trash Isles’ citizen!  Other big celebrity buy-ins are Jeff Goldblum, Dame Judi Dench, and of course, the biggest deal of them of all, conservationist Sir David Attenborough.

The campaign has had a huge impact, delighting global TV networks within just a few weeks, attracting 200,000 citizens to Trash Isles, gaining 50 million video views and reaching half a billion people.

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