Front's 'The Oneness' channels psychedelic, ASMR vibes

The campaign, created by Where the Buffalo Roam, shows the beauty without workflow issues.

Sometimes the work day’s most stressful moments stem from simple — yet frustrating —  tasks like answering emails. 

 But people in The Oneness don’t have to deal with those issues, thanks to communication software Front. In the Oneness, people float on clouds, play 4D chess and simply vibe, all because Front has streamlined email functionalities to make work easier. 

 The spot was created with a combination of live-action actors set against a mixed media collage background. The dialogue is spoken ASMR-style and combined with trippy visuals like a kaleidoscope, which morphs into clear alpine waters. 

 In one scene, a couple enjoys a picnic against a colorful backdrop. "Did you just route 100 emails?" the man asks. The woman replies, "Was it mean? Or was it Front? Does it matter?"