Freshpet lifts lid on dog food in new ads from Terri & Sandy

It comes as the company reveals a 30 percent revenue growth in the past year.

Your dog is probably fat.

Around 60 percent of pets in the U.S. are obese, and largely because the standard kibble is not healthy.

The company is taking aim at an industry sub-standard in a campaign from Terri & Sandy.

"Freshpet is the pioneer in the pet food space, a category which hasn’t substantially evolved in the past several decades," said John Speranza, vice president of marketing at Freshpet.

"We believe pets are not getting the essential ingredients they need for a healthy, happy, tail-wagging life and our new ‘Awakening’ campaign serves as a catalyst for pet parents to rethink their food choices.

"There is a gap between what we as pet parents eat and what we serve our pets. It’s our mission to close that gap and transform the way we all nourish our pets with fresh healthy food made in a way that’s best for pets, people, and the planet."

The 15 and 30-second spots feature real dogs, via viral user-generated content, reacting in disbelief as they learn the harsh realities of common dry dog foods. These will run across TV and digital.

The pet food category overall has seen steady declines in recent years. But, Freshpet has grown by 30 percent in the last year. In fact, the company exceeds all expectations in the market and is currently on pace to become a $500 million company in five years or less.

It’s success is fueled by an entirely new digital strategy and customer engagement journey.


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