Five-ish questions in Cannes: Tiffany Rolfe, CCO R/GA US

Join Weather Edwards and Campaign US for spicy daily encounters with festival-goers.

Most of you know him as the humble managing director of business development at R/GA.

But meet Dave Edwards slightly more exotic alter ego, Weather Edwards.

He’s partnered with Campaign US to bring you five-ish not-so-important questions from Cannes-goers every day.

Introducing Tiffany Rolfe, CCO at R/GA US.

Who is the most interesting person you’ve met so far? The CCO of Target.

Any sunscreen strategies? Wearing really large sunglasses that both block my face and everything below me.

How many glasses of rosé do you plan on consuming during this trip? You mean bottles?

Any travel horror stories? No, everything was perfect. I got in late, but it’s going to be late nights for the rest of the week so it just warmed me up.



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