Five-ish questions in Cannes: Richard Ting, R/GA, CXO & CCO US

Join Weather Edwards and Campaign US for spicy daily encounters with festival-goers.

Most of you know him as the humble managing director of business development at R/GA.

But meet Dave Edwards' slightly more exotic alter ego, Weather Edwards.

He’s partnered with Campaign US to bring you five-ish not-so-important questions from Cannes-goers every day.

While Weather Edwards was tasked with finding new faces from different shops quaffing the pink stuff all over town, he has -- regrettably -- found yet another R/GA staffer to feature today. He has been reprimanded and is aware that his Campaign privileges are now at stake. We promise this is the last R/GA-er.

Please welcome Richard Ting, CXO and CCO US.

What are you most excited about at Cannes this year? The work. There’s so much work out there changing the world.

Who’s the most interesting person that you’ve met so far? The CEO of Cannes.

What’s the most essential thing you’ve packed in your suitcase? Three pairs of sneakers.

Any sunscreen strategy? No -- I’m going all natural.

How many glasses of rose do you expect to drink here? Less than the number of fingers on my hand.



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