Five-ish questions in Cannes: General Mills Chief Brand Officer Brad Hiranaga

Join Weather Edwards and Campaign US for spicy daily encounters with festival-goers.

Most of you know him as the humble managing director of business development at R/GA.

But meet Dave Edwards' slightly more exotic alter ego, Weather Edwards.

He’s partnered with Campaign US to bring you five-ish not-so-important questions from Cannes-goers every day.

Here’s what Brad Hiranaga, chief brand officer at General Mills, has to say about the week.

How’s the weather? It’s very warm. My parents are from Hawaii and I thought I was conditioned for this, but after going through 15 shirts I’m not sure.

What are you most excited about this week? The learning that we’re going to take back.

Who’s the most interesting person you’ve met? We were fortunate enough to meet a lot of tech start-ups. Their energy and passion around ideas is something we’ll take back. Julia Golden from Lego -- the way that the brand has shown up in culture and transformed the concept of play with kids is motivating me as a marketer.

Any sunscreen strategies? No, I’ve been fully-clothed all week.

Most essential item you’ve packed in your suitcase? I managed to get some Jordans before I left. I’m hoping I don’t spill anything on them before I leave.

How many cups of rose? They’ve been small cups so maybe in the hundreds.



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