Five-ish questions in Cannes: Beam's Viveka Hulyalkar

Join Weather Edwards and Campaign US for spicy daily encounters with festival-goers.

Most of you know him as the humble managing director of business development at R/GA.

But meet Dave Edwards' slightly more exotic alter ego, Weather Edwards.

He’s partnered with Campaign US to bring you five-ish not-so-important questions from Cannes-goers every day.

Here’s what Viveka Hulyalkar, co-founder and CEO of Beam, has to say.

How’s the weather? Big fan of the weather. We’re here at a toasty 81 degrees. Can’t complain.

What are you most excited about this week? It’s been incredible. I loved presenting. And I just got to hear Apple’s VP of marketing speak on actual takeaways on how to simplify brand messaging and product to maximize brand love.

Who’s the most interesting person you’ve met? Besides Weather Edwards? Nobody! But actually I really enjoyed meting some of the leaders at Spotify.

Any sunscreen strategies? First, it was making sunscreen friends because I forgot to pack my own sunscreen. My mom is a dermatologist and would be appalled, but then I went and got my own screen.

Most essential item you’ve packed in your suitcase? I think business cards are huge.

How many cups of rose? So, I’m running a bit behind because I didn’t get here until Wednesday. I’m probably running at a crisp five. But there’s still time.


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