Have you ever been Silverstein'd? Find out here

This fun Chrome extension from GS&P is for anyone whose name comes second or third in a company's title.

Goodby. Wieden. Crispin. Let’s face it… when a company is named after several people, the one whose name appears first in the lineup is the one remembered and referred to the most. Until today, that is.

In honor of GS&P co-founder Rich Silverstein’s birthday, the agency – colloquially referenced as Goodby on a regular basis – has created a Google Chrome extension to fix the issue. Once downloaded, the extension flips the agency’s name to "Silverstein Goodby & Partners" wherever it appears online. And the extension even works for the likes of Kennedy+Wieden, Bogusky Porter Crispin and Jerry & Ben’s.

"It totally levels the playing field," said Margaret Johnson, CCO of the shop, "Now the Silversteins of the world can have their day."


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