Duracell "Power on" by Wunderman Thompson UK

The Marvel universe are shaking in their boots as the Duracell Bunny returns for a trio of superhero spots.

The bunny is finally able to speak (albeit in a slightly grating American accent) as he saves everyday consumers from the perils of depleted batteries. While "Bunny vs aliens" (which premiered during the Rugby World Cup semi final) sees the pink rabbit give new life to a government megaphone, "Remote" follows a family as they desperately try to avoid a Planet Earth-esque depiction of an elephant orgy (no other way to put that, really). "Gamer", on the other hand, kamikazes through coming-of-age tropes, including boy troubles, video games dependency and plain ol’ teenage angst. 

This marks Wunderman Thompson UK’s first campaign for Duracell since winning the global pitch in April 2019. The work was created by Katia Schutz and Stefan Foster, and directed by Ninian Doff through Pulse Films. The media agency is Starcom.


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