Dueling Colonels compete for dominance in KFC Super Bowl spot

A golden Billy Zane takes on Rob Riggle in 15-second Big Game ad from Wieden+Kennedy.

"Titanic" actor Billy Zane made his debut as KFC’s new Colonel Sanders last week, but it looks like the handoff isn’t complete. In its 15-second Super Bowl spot from Wieden+Kennedy, the fried chicken chain pits one of its old Colonels, Rob Riggle, against the new gold-plated version. While in real-life, the beefy Riggle (an ex-Marine) would turn the now-portly Zane into bullion, the sports-obsessed Colonel is no match for a man that seems to be made of solid metal. The spot will run during the 4th quarter of the game, and additional teasers are online now.