Droga5 creates dance music video trilogy for Paul Kalkbrenner

Florian: the main characters in Paul Kalkbrenner's music video
Florian: the main characters in Paul Kalkbrenner's music video

Droga5 New York has created a trilogy of music videos to promote T, the latest album from dance musician Paul Kalkbrenner.

The trilogy follows a man called Florian, a foreigner in America who compulsively tries to get people to listen to his music but gets scolded, even beaten, for his attempts.

The first film is for Kalkbrenner’s Cloud Rider song and was released online on 18 May. Two more films will follow in the coming months.

Droga5 has worked with Kalkbrenner since January, when the agency was approached by the artist’s management.

The films were created by Alexander Nowak and Felix Richter, and directed by Björn Rühmann through Jefferson Projects.

Discussing Cloud Rider, Nowak and Richter said: "First and foremost, it's a human story about a good-natured spirit who goes out into the world believing he possesses a gift worth sharing, but finds himself rejected.

"It vaguely parallels the role of EDM in the United States where the genre is considered foreign, even though its origins are in Chicago and Detroit.  

"The film works as a standalone piece, but takes on different meaning when seen in the context of the trilogy, which will show how Florian, the character, works through the rejection he suffered. 

"We enjoyed making something that’s a bit ambiguous and layered here. In advertising, it feels like we rarely get to do that. Usually the message has to be clear.

"However, here you can feel for our hero, or maybe challenge that what he is doing isn’t appropriate." 


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