Don't drink and drive! You're texting? Whatever.

MullenLowe's safe-driving PSA cleverly shows difference between attitudes toward drunk driving and texting at the wheel

How bad a driver does a cabbie need to be before passengers complain? A PSA for the Safe Roads Alliance from MullenLowe shows that while tolerance for drinking and driving is low, distracted drivers get plenty of leeway. For the 90-second spot, a hidden camera filmed passenger reactions to a drunken cab driver, played by an actor guzzling energy drinks and water. The responses are invariably harsh, usually involving swearing, insults and a quick demand to pull over. But when the driver pretends to send and receive texts — an activity that injures more people each year than alcohol-related crashes — passengers stay friendly and docile. The spot is running online and debuted at the beginning of April, which is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.