Dole spoofs 'Hold My Beer' meme with 'Hold My Fruit Bowl' campaign

Kids perform jaw-dropping feats in Dole's new campaign, created by Erich and Kallman.

While parents are always on the hunt for healthy snack options, kids are more concerned with great taste and fun. 

Dole Sunshine Company proved that its Fruit Bowls combine the best of both worlds in its new campaign, "Hold My Fruit Bowl." The campaign spoofs the popular "Hold My Beer" meme, a catchphrase used before performing a wild stunt. 

In one spot, a group of campers are lost in the woods. One camper tells his friend to "hold my fruit bowl" before calling out to a hawk. The boy communicates with the hawk to find a way out of the woods, shocking his troop and troop leader. 

"He said go right," the boy tells his troop, fueled by the nutrients in his fruit bowl.