Dixie 'Go Dark for Dinner' by Droga5

Paper product company asks you to have a 'BRB' moment from social media.

Droga5 and Georgia-Pacific's Dixie brand want you to go dark for dinner. What they mean is, don't bring the smartphone to dinner this Sunday.

In the campaign's video, the paper product brand is barely visible. A diverse range of people share experiences, some laughs, and even a dance — all without intrusions from their devices.

A survey conducted by the company found that of 1,500 respondents, only 20% dine without distractions.

Supporting the campaign is a microsite with images to share on social media, showing a pledge to a smartphone-free meal.

This is part of a larger campaign called "Be More Here" for the company by Droga5. The agency has worked with Georgia-Pacific's Quilted Northern brand in the past.