Dish gives consumer complaints an ear with 'Spokeslistener'

The satellite TV provider spokesperson is "tuned in" but rarely utters a word.

Dish is capitalizing on people's common customer service frustrations with a brand ambassador who listens rather than talks to them. Ads from Camp + King feature "The Spokeslistener." When customers miss the cable guy because they took a shower right when he decided to ring their doorbell, Dish hears them. When Americans can't find the right input to watch Netflix, he understands their pain. These spots starring the empathetic spokesperson is a continuation of the satellite service's "Tuned Into You" initiative, which debuted in February alongside a new training program that teaches employees a better way to administer customer service called "Base Camp" and customer feedback forms on every page of the Dish website. The ads will air in 150 markets nationwide. 


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