Digital Innovation Agency 2019: Huge

Huge attacked 2019 with a fierce focus on big growth and important cultural change.

Starting with naming Pete Stein as new global chief executive officer, the agency added 43 new clients to its roster in the U.S. by focusing on in-depth vetting and exploration, research and analysis and the strategic allocation of talent and capital. 

Big wins in 2019 included, Accuweather, Brooks and Pantone. While Huge grew its new client roster, it also expanded its role with existing, long-term clients such as Google, United Airlines and SKII.

It also rolled out new initiatives aimed at moving society forward that focus on inclusivity,  climate change and sustainability, women in tech and data privacy.

The agency--with 13 offices and 1,200 employees globally--continued to shine with its work on a range of top brands, including the launch of a new Harry Potter experience, rebranding Google’s Android operating system for inclusivity, and helping design a technologically advanced, inclusive cycling helmet for Scott, created not just for men, but everyone.

Working directly with JK Rowling and her team, Huge created the first fan portal built for a mobile environment. A geo-aware storyline experience based on questions from the "sorting hat," the app transforms users’ phones into wands, enabling users to learn new spells while allowing them to see all the Hogwarts’ characters in "real life." Devotees have taken notice; already the app is one of Harry Potter properties most visited experiences. 

For Google, Huge was tasked with a brand refresh of the world’s most popular operating system to make it more modern, globally inclusive and accessible. Its work on the Android brand spanned the entire brand experience, from brand architecture and strategy to a robust identity system with comprehensive guidelines and partner assets, to a fully reimagined mobile-first digital experience on

The Scott Split Plus cycling helmet stands as another example of Huge’s ability to re-think and innovate products and technology. For Scott, a trusted name in the sporting goods world, Huge helped the company design and launch the world’s first inclusive cycling helmet.

Huge discovered that traditional cycling racing helmets were designed for testing in wind tunnels by male riders, keeping their heads in a certain, fixed position. Using Huge’s research, Scott flipped the script and introduced a new helmet that could be as powerfully effective for women as it was for men and not be negatively affected by the position of the riders’ heads while racing. Thanks to the design specifications, Scott’s advanced helmet was worn by world champion Annemiek Van Vleuten in her Giro D’Italia win.

The agency also brought cultural relevance and inclusivity into the workplace, hosting a diversity-and-inclusion speaker series, creating inclusivity training sessions across its network, and launching five affinity groups: RBG, Immigrants at Huge, LGBTQ+@Huge, Huge X Women, and Huge Parents. 

This commitment extends beyond the workplace. Huge partnerships include Girls Who Code, Free the Bid, She Runs It and the agency sponsored attendance to The 3% Conference.