Diet Coke 'Get a Taste' by Droga5 New York

Singer/songwriter Taylor Swift faces a room full of kittens in an epic battle of cuteness, courtesy of Droga5, the latest in Diet Coke's "Get a Taste" campaign

A new Diet Coke ad from Droga5 combines the star power of Taylor Swift with the irresistible attraction of kittens. Lots of 'em. Hundreds, in fact. How can you not run right out and buy a case of Diet Coke?

The 30-second spot, "Kittens," is the latest in Diet Coke's "Get a Taste" campaign. It opens with Swift playing with a kitten. She takes a sip of Diet Coke and all of a sudden there are two kittens. Another sip and the kittens are multiplying faster than rabbits. Before long, Swift is swamped in a sea of kitten adorableness.

The ad wraps up with a plug for Swift's forthcoming album, "1989," and the tag line "What if life tasted as good as Diet Coke?" and all is good with the world.

Creative credits

Creative Chairman: David Droga
Chief creative officer: Ted Royer
Creative director: Casey Rand
Creative director: Karen Land Short
Copywriter: Matt McCarron
Art director: Conor Hagan
Chief creation officer: Sally-Ann Dale
Head of broadcast production: Ben Davies
Senior broadcast producer: Verity Bullard
Integrated production business manager: Librado Sanchez
Senior brand strategist: Katy Alonzo
Social media strategy director: Tom Hyde
Senior social strategist: Mitch Gellar
Group account director: Julian Cheevers
Account director: Melanie Walters
Account manager: Morgan Murray
Associate account manager: Becky Charap
SVP, IMC: Wendy Clark
Group director, DKO & KOZ: Rafael Acevedo
Group director, IMC: Peter Callaro
Senior manager, IMC: Kate Santore
Director, multimedia production, IMC Group: Sarah Traverso
Director: Keith Schofield
Executive producer: Cathleen Kisich
Editor: Dominic Leung
Assistant editor: Zoe Mougin
Producer: Anne Lai