The cryptocurrency revolution needs rules

Gemini is calling on the industry to regulate itself in a new campaign created with Interesting Development.

The crytocurrency revolution is here -- but it must be governed.

That’s the message from Gemini founders Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.

The digital asset exchange company has stormed into the new year with a campaign to voice its ethos: cryptocurrency is truly a revolutionary force that will forever change how money works, but it needs to be regulated and secure in order for that revolution to be successful.

It was created in partnership with Interesting Development.

A full-page ad in today’s The New York Times serves as an open letter to Wall Street and the crypto industry sharing Gemini’s manifesto, which includes the following: 1. Build the Rules, 2. Play by the Rules: 3. Value Security Over Profit, 4. Be Principled, and 5. Pay it Forward.

Throughout this week, a Gemini-branded crypto bus will travel the streets of New York City -- up and down crypto alley in Flatiron and through the financial corridors in midtown and downtown. Gemini staff, including Cameron and Tyler, will join the bus at a parked location to speak with New Yorkers about cryptocurrency in a Q&A-style format.  

Gemini is also debuting a NYC OOH campaign spanning subways, taxi toppers, phone kiosks and a billboard at 15 Broad Street in the financial district.


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