Creatives: Spice up your life with the 'Koncept Sutra'

Adventurous enough to try the 'Cyberstorm' position?

Everyday, creatives engage in intellectual intercourse.

It’s what the industry calls "concepting" -- they get briefed, they find a space and they get busy. Creatives can’t do it with just anyone. It’s a vulnerable process. And getting to an idea feels like an orgasm.

That’s why Diana and Nechama of Anomaly have created the "Koncept Sutra."

"Finding a creative partner is not totally dissimilar from finding a romantic partner," said Nechama. "The major difference is sex. And for creative partners, their intercourse is concepting.

"Similar to sex -- without the taking off your clothes part -- it's a really vulnerable process where you have to be comfortable and passionate with each other, and sometimes, your conceptual life needs some spicing up. Especially when you hit a dry spell and can't seem to come up with anything, or at least anything worthy of a campaign."

Inspired by some of their favorite partners in advertising, the duo published a book with various positions designed to spice up creatives’ conceptual life.

Diana added: "Nechama and I mix it up all the time. We concept all over the place. It's what keeps our relationship healthy, exciting, and close. Any creative will tell you, they have had partners who they have had just okay concepting experiences with, and mind-blowing concepting experiences with.

"To be honest we were really inspired by our conceptual relationship, as well as the ones we've seen from our favorite creatives in the industry."

Follow the journey on Instagram @konceptsutra.



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